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Creating and developing products through creative search for solutions.
Beautiful experiences supporting your business.

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Why we exist

We are an interdisciplinary studio that wants to make life with technology easier, more pleasant, and more beautiful. User satisfaction is important to us, as well as support for the development of your business.

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What we do


Design Review

Thanks to an audit, your website will be more functional and is going to increase the satisfaction of your users. We will analyze each fragment to improve the message and processes. We will develop recommendations for further steps to increase conversions and user satisfaction. All so that no errors or website rejections are encountered, and at the same time communication is improved.


UX Design

We will create an intuitive product or improve the current one by creatively searching for solutions. Thanks to the User Centered Design process, users will have positive experiences with your product. We will understand their needs and build an attractive product by creating a prototype and testing it. Then we will take care of good product design.


UX Strategy

In order for your product or service to be appreciated, we will analyze the market, competition, and at the same time find values that stand out from the competition. We will take care of the entire process taking into account your organization, technologies, design, and people. "Strategy is what I see and what our company should be" Peter Drucker



If you have an idea for a new product or want to improve the current one, we will help you take the right path. We will advise and build strategies for further actions. We will conduct a 5-day sprint design that is going to verify your idea. Thanks to a holistic approach, we will build an attractive product or improve the current one.

How we start

Lenke Design is the next step. Earlier, we worked under the Szczesna Studio. We dealt with broadly understood designing. We have participated in projects for, for example: Adobe,L'Oréal, Dove. We possess several national awards. We've organized two editions of national conference - the World Usability Day Wroclaw. We are currently building UX processes and strategies for a Scandinavian company. We're still experimenting and experiencing. We learn from the best, among others, IDEO U, Interaction Design Fundation and Jaime Levy. We love technologies, especially IoT and the automotive industry. And we're still curious about new things and experiences :)

"Every product is a service waiting to happen." Mak Curtis


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